Ridiculously charming, yet pretty much useless in a fight.


Death/unconscious limit=40
(armor=leather) (reduction=2) (Arcane resistance 1) (Elemental Resistance Wind=10)
(First Impression= Adorable)
(Sneak attack +2) (Intuitive defense

INT 8 ( Lore=3) (Medic=4) (Tinker=1)
INTU 12 (Air=2) (Perception=3)
CHA 12 (Charm=5) (Deceive=2)
CUN 10 (Sneak=1)

Spells: Wind burst
7 Feedback Speed Fast Opposed by Grit Range 20 m Any Individual and objects that are not tied down are blown 2d6 meters from the caster.

*Charisma: *Commotion: Gather an audience quickly
*Apologetic Smile: Can make a charm check to try and calm down an adversary. -2 for someone angered to violence -4 against a person enraged.
*Presence: As soon as I walk in a room or down a road, people notice me, and those in front of me or close to me will get out of my way.
*Silver tongue: 2 to deceive and charm
*Social contacts: After just a few hours in any town or village, I can have a stable of contacts
*Will Power: *High Threshold: Unconscious limit
*Will to Live: Death Limit +10
*Reverie: When outside of the combat wheel individual must still make all defensive rolls, but all grit and autonomy checks automatically succeed.
*Intelligence: *Field medic: +4 to medic skill
*Race: *Iron Taboo: Any time they touch metals they take 1d4 damage.
*Wispy: No falling damage ever. -4 to grapple checks.
*Float: Stop self from falling
*Fly: Can walk on air in any direction as if I was on land
*Flying sprint: When sprinting through the air, reduce movement speed by one segment so fast becomes very fast and so on.
*Don’t remember the name of it: +3 to lore, perception, and charm


Breeze has always been a charismatic and easy going guy. He has no hatreds for any creatures and has no desire to settle down with a girl. He loves a good challenge, and his favorite challenges are those of wills. He loves trying to twist people to his will in a subtle way. Every now and then he will attempt to con someone, but for the most part he plays with people, but he does not harm them, or take from those that are needy. Recently he met a thief and charmed this thief into teaching him a few of his tricks. Breeze is looking to learn as much as possible from the world. The only thing he is not really interested in is fighting. He doesn’t enjoying going head to head with people, preferring to get others to fight for him and back them up, running away, or charming his foe into deciding it isn’t worth fighting for whatever reason seems good. This lack of a thrill for fighting though has not kept his adventurous spirit in check. Learning the beginnings of magic, lore, and medicine from his people and the ways of sneaking from the thief, he has set off into the world with a book on wind magic, to study in more depth at leisure, a few coins, and the desire to help all those he can, and learn even better how to manipulate people. All of this so that he can one day write a book on the subject of how peoples emotions shape them. He can feel the world changing and he is excited to be a part of it.


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