The Ivory Knight



One of the most widespread and common stories of Valcia is that of the Ivory Knight. The knight is described as being between six and seven feet tall in a suit of armor made of ivory as hard as diamond which covers every inch of skin. The knight is generally considered to be genderless and in some stories even lifeless. The knight has been reported to carry a variety of millitary gear most notably a long rapier made out of a silver, a knife of the same material, and a silver shield. Some stories, however, report it carrying ten knives, a bow and quiver of arrows, a pike, a halberd, an ax, three javelins, a broadsword, a warhammer, a boomerang, a blue handled sword, a shield with three golden triangles on it, green leather armor and hat, and all kinds of other gear. In addition several cultures have their own spin on the knight, an example being satyrs and minotaurs description of the knight with cloven hooves and a short tail.


The Ivory Knight is a rare character in fable as serving both as a savior and a symbol of doom. In legends the knight tends to appear shortly before cataclysm on a large scale wracks Valcia. After the disaster has claimed innumerable lives and destroyed countless cities the knight will finally bring whatever great evil is responsible to a heel. Upon completion of such a quest the knight with suddenly disappear until another great ugly crisis raises it’s head. Although the knight is almost always portrayed as the hero in such tales the image of the knight has become most readily associated with the coming of great troubles. A common phrase in the Freelands of Amerys is “If you see the knight on the hill, run” a similar phrase is found in Isteroth but in regards to a sand dune.

Alleged Sightings

Sightings of the Knight tend to be focused on the Western Arm of Valcia but has allegedly been spotted as far east as The Guantrium. Many supposed sightings tend to take place near ruins of some kind however a large amount are often attributed to battlefields. As previously stated the knight tends to appear before a catastrophe. The alleged sighting outside The Guantrium took place shortly before an especially brutal conflict between the inhabitants of Ragneron Forest and Erenon was compounded by an attempted revolt in Quanlo. Another report states that the knight was spotted outside of the Valice Gardens before the War of Valleys, the conflict which led to the creation of the Isteroth- Theikon neutral zone between Lake Prin and Soreon Ridge.

More recently, just a few months ago, sightings of the knight were reported at Ruins of Raekyth. The sightings however were from observers who could hardly be called competent (a pair of peasant lovers of questionable sobriety) and were from a distance of about a mile away causing many to dismiss this as mere fantasy. Which it is… probably

The Ivory Knight

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