Fortune Favors the Patient


In the land of Valcia power courses like a river and fortunes ebb and flow from year to year. Lords and spies rise and fall in its three great kingdoms and common folk struggle to keep up with the rapid waves of change.

But transcending these futile struggles for lasting influence certain forces have been collaborating across Vacia to bring something greater to pass. The secrets of The Empire of Suralon are being uncovered and outside powers are rising to claim a promise long ago made. Stories are emerging of never before seen figures that are little more than shapeless shadow, of tentacles appearing for a moment, grasping as if for some unseen hand, and then disappearing as swiftly as they come and, perhaps most disturbingly, of an antique knight encased in white armor roaming the land once more. Dark tidings are being heard from all over Valcia and beyond, and it seems very clear that a trickle of sand has been started in a divine hourglass.

Currents of Madness