Kingdom of Theikon



Theikon spreads itself across the basin created from the Leogan Mountains and the Eleryn coast. The land is dotted with ponds, lakes, and rivers that created a picturesque area. There are bodies of water all over Theikon but the most important are Lakes Dedus, Perilot, and Prin. Dedus and Perilot are primarily used for local villages and farming purposes. Periolt, however, is notable for supplying the population center of Terin with water and acting as one of the borders of the neutral zone with Isteroth (the other being the Soreon Ridge). The soil and waterways of Theikon have always been conducive to raising crops and Theikon is quite impressive in being completely self sufficient in the areas of both food and water.

There are five major cities in Theikon: Horokan, Eolin, Port Iteon, Terin, and the capital of Illander. Despite Illanders role as the capital Terin is the most populous city in Theikon with a population of about 100,000 sprawled from the Rumas foothills to the shores of Lake Prin.



To call those who govern Theikon crafty is to call a Drow proud. The leaders of Theikon are duplicitous, calculating, and clever valuing mental agility and political machinations. While called an “Empire” the Emperor of Theikon (currently John Sigismund III) is not necessarily the most powerful person in the land. Theikon is governed by a group of ruling houses whose number fluctuates from between 5 and 15 depending on how fortunes fall. Currently 7 houses sit in power in Illander: the Brook (a Naiad house), the Froedrick, the Fredrick, the Selangor, the Perlis, the Arkan, and, of course, the Sigismund.

Policy is usually sent to the Coucil of Homes on which the current houses sit and discussed there amongst delegations of all houses, not just the emperors’. The Emperor may, however choose which issues are discussed in what order and has final say in all legislation. The Houses can overturn imperial edict only if they have a unanimous agreement for an alternative (if the Emperor assigns a tax for grain at 1 gold per 100 kg but the other 6 houses all agree to make it 1 silver per 100 kg they can overturn the emperor) but they cannot simply disagree with the actions (even if all 6 think that the tax is too high but cannot come up with one they all agree on they do not overturn the action).

But outside of these governing rules lies a world of spies and duplicity which acts on a policy all it’s own. “I’d sooner trust a Theikon” is a common phrase throughout all of Valcia. The Theikon are infamous for their machinations and subtle plots and their spy network can be found all over their land and (some rumor) all throughout Valcia. The style of politics is well known. Three of the past four emperors died within one night of controversial legislation passing and only the gods know how many pens have touched the national receipts.

But despite all this there is a strong sense of honor amongst thieves. It is extremely rare for Theikon to be betrayed to an outside force from within it’s borders. And even with the machinations the government still runs smoothly and the borders are policed creating a strange air of safety and camaraderie within the Leogan Basin.



A populous state Theikon enjoys a population of approx. 150,000 people spread though out it’s lands. Almost a third of this population has made it’s home in Terin which is located on the easten end of the valley. This is due to Terins role as collector and distributer of all grain (Therikon’s primary resource) east of Illander. In addition Terin is the only place where emissaries from Isteroth will agree to stay and do business offering many opportunities to those handling large amounts of money. Theikon is interesting in the fact that only about a third of their population in human while another forth is Naiad. Other races, notably Elves and Halflings are quite common throughout their realm and are often even found in the seat of government in Illander. This diversity is one of the many reasons the Theikon has enjoyed such resilience from assassinations and political intrigue thanks to the fact that there are many different thoughts and mentalities from all the different groups within the system and this makes the system more easily adaptable to difficult situations.

Kingdom of Theikon

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