Maergul Lake



Maergul Lake is a small body of water poking a hole in the western arm of the Leranos Mountains. Totaling just under 20 sq miles and peaking at a maximum depth of 100 ft. Maergul Lake would be entirely insignificant if not for its extremely unique geographic location. But the Lake is individual in the fact that it is the only area of standing water in the rocky and inhospitable world of the Mountains. This causes almost all life in the Western Arm to depend on the Lake for food and freshwater. The lake is also the last stop before the Maergul Rapids which rush down on the south side of the Lake all the way to the ocean. These rapids are almost always too rough and too shallow for a fully weighed down ship to pass through safely. This forces many ships to harbor in the Lake often of at Maergul Proper on the south side of the lake and stay until they can sell off some of their wares.


Maergul’s only population center of any note is Maergul Proper, a small but bustling trade center of about 1,000 inhabitants on the south side of the lake. The majority of the town are human but on the docks you may find a few Minotaurs loading or unloading cargo to and from the ships in harbor. Besides this there is a small population of Ahrlen and Leeven who often act as messengers between ships and town tradespeople. Beneath the surface of the lake is a small community of about 50 or so Naiad live on the bottom of the Lake. This community’s population ebbs and flows literally with the tides.

Maergul Lake

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