Suralon Valley



Suralon Valley was once ruled by the Empire of Suralon which reigned supreme for a long time from their seat of power in Raekyth. But after the fall of Raekyth many groups came to the fertile valley in the hopes of the new life. In addition the natural forces of the lakes, forests and mountains began to reclaim their land and became far more selective of who they permitted to enter. Early on an attempt was made to create a new government called New Suralon. The NS didn’t take (mainly due to the fear that the end of Raekyth had brought) and after fifty years of trying to make it work people just gave up. Now the valley is a loose conglomerate of farms and villages who mostly keep to themselves.


The Suralon Valley has a relatively small population due to the complete lack of major centers of populations. Scarcely 5,000 people reside in the expansive 500 sq miles basin. The largest race in this area is human but not by much. Various groups of dwarves, elves, and various other races dot the landscape and reside in the towns.

Suralon Valley

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