The Freeland of Amerys



A dreary land covered over with hills the Freeland has a reputation for being a grey and bleak landscape filled with grey and bleak people. Neighboring the Suralon Valley to the north the Freelands technically start at the waterfall city of Norfall and going all the way down to Amery Point, just north of the Arbred Islands. The land between these points in about as inhospitable as possible to be and still support life. Rocky hills covered in barren soil incompatible to almost any farming method take up the majority of the nation rendering it near impossible for the nation to feed a large population. Most food comes from the small area of arable land in the west between the Carapus river and Lake Ursec known as the Plains of Rys.

There are two major islands of the coast of Amerys. The rocky Arbrel Islands to the south are almost entirely uninhabited due it being slightly less conducive to life than the mainland. It is ravaged by storms and the strait between Arbrel and the mainland is near unpassable most of the year. To this end a small, but lucrative trade has sprung up on the southern strait of the Arbrel where ships can dock (for a price) and be escorted by a smaller boat to the opposite end allowing for easy passage towards the exotic Beastman Island and other areas. Another island of the western coast is unnamed by the government of Amery but most know it as Beastman Island due to it’s primary inhabitants being Satyrs and an occasional minotaur. The island has a large area of farmland on its north end but is shunned by the Amery for both cultural and practical reasons.



Unlike all other governed areas of Valcia the Freelands of Amerys is not (technically) ruled by blood. Amerys is divided into several counties each of whom elect two officials, called Magistrates, to represent them in the capitol of Alisar. These Magistrates both appoint smaller officials at home and act on behalf of their constituents on several councils which administrate the land and try to get the most for their counties. There is a rotating leader known as the Consol who serves for a term of two years is selected by drawing from a large vase, every Magistrate is given one slip in the vase for every 100 constituents they represent leading to almost all Consols being from Alisar (though the current Consol is from Norfall).

However, amid scarce resources and limited interaction with other nations, a world of nepotism and corruption. The method of choosing Consols leaves itself open to all kinds of political shenanigans. In addition important county administrative roles are almost always handed out to sons, daughters, or nephews. This near constant abuse of the system has left government facilities completely ineffective and has led to a general distrust of all in government.



As previously mentioned there is a clear resource problem in Amerys that is not exactly conducive to a large population in total perhaps 20,000 live within their borders. The population is generally xenophobic and is therefore practically entirely composed of humans. There was once a large number of Naiads and Dryads but a genocide of nonhumans some two hundred years ago nearly eradicated them. The people of the Freelands are bitter at life and suspicious of outsiders. They are primarily substance farmers with little or no resources.

The Freeland of Amerys

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