Beastman Island



There are many amazing locals in the lands of Valcia and perhaps the least enjoyable are in the Freeland of Amerys but directly to the west of the Freelands lies the amazingly picturesque plains and vinyards of Beastman Island. On the northern end of the island waving fields of grain are seen growing with no apparent care or tending. The majority of the island is taken up by rolling hills covered in grape vines and olive trees which also grow with no apparent care. The only place not completely given over to nature is an ancient circle of stones and an alter known as Camp Haedus on the north side where the trees meet the plains. The land enjoys unprecedented sunlight and rain and it always seems that there is never any inclement weather when the island would not be able to handle it. It’s almost supernatural how perfect it seems to be.



Beastman Island is accurately named. The vast majority of the small population is composed of Satyrs, their race making up about 2 out of every 3 inhabitants. The remainder of that equation is made up of centaurs, minotaurs, nymphs, and dryads who roam amidst the trees and wheat fields. The island is known as a place of magical power and many stories exist surrounding it. The satyrs are known for their trickery and abilities with both blade and magic and the other inhabitants are often viewed with distrust or fear over their abilities.


…. They’re a bunch of Satyrs I’m not quite sure what you expect here.

Beastman Island

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