“Oh to play among the weaves and swim beneath the sea,
Oh to toy with sailor’s hearts, and spurn their loving plea,
Oh to sing a song of waves as far as eyes can see
Oh to be a naiad fair, what joy it is for me!"

Naiad are extremely pale skinned, their skin even taking a slightly bluish tone. They are cold to the touch, and their skin may even have a sheen, as though it were perpetually wet. They are comfortable living and breathing both in or out of water, in a variety of temperatures. As Fae, they are slightly smaller in stature than normal humans, averaging four to five feet tall, and are similarly thinner.

Naiads are prone to rapid mod shifts. They get along well with others at least half of the time, and find it impossible to keep a grudge for more than a few minutes.

The Naiad own the oceans, and have built great underwater cities throughout the world’s great waters, which few mortals are privy to.

The Naiads find other cultures curious, if dangerous, and have no problem initiating contact with others, if from a safe distance. In the eyes of the Naiad, friends from among other races are wonderful, but have the odd habit of drowning, which makes them troublesome.

The Naiad, as Fae, can live for hundreds, even thousands of years. They are more prolific than many fae, claiming most of the world’s oceans and lakes as their own. When confronted with difficulty from other races, they often simply submerge.


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