Norfall is built literally on the last drop of the Tharim Falls. The city is built between the crags craved out by the thousands of years the Tharim River has flowed. The city is notable for maintaining an almost unmoving population due to the very restricted space suitable for construction. Norfall is also surrounded by cliffs making very hard to access from any angle except the waterway which flows though the city.


Norfall is the third most populous city in The Freelands of Amery consisting of about 3000 people. During the Great Purge of Amery several hundred years ago the city is composed almost entirely of humans. But the Norfolk (as they are known) tend to be slightly more accepting and open minded than most other people in Amery. Due to this differentiation a system has been put in place where a small group of outside members of other races may enter the city or even live there provided they register with the city officials and periodically check in. This group is small due to the controversy of this system (within The Freelands that is) and makes up only about one half of one percent of the total population. Of these rare outsiders almost all of them are Naiads, brought in from out of country for their diving abilities.

The Norfolk are also notable for their tendency towards pridefulness and erudite styles. They tend to be viewed in a negative light by their countrymen and are often left out of social functions despite the fact that “Amery buys, Norfall pays”


Amerys is not only the most open minded city in Amery, it is also the richest. The Tharim Falls deposit gold and other precious metals in sufficient quantities to make Norfall a metropolis brimming with wealth. In addition a rather large species of clam lives in the pools near the falls which are able to produce particularly large pearls. Trade plays a large role in the city and draws businessmen from as far away as Isteroth intent on deal making. It was this economy which led to the new more openminded policies, Naiaids have been brought in to dive for pearls and Ra’Sharran diplomats have been permitted to enter to write up new trade treaties.


It’s an open secret that money concurs all within Norfall. The merchant guild runs virtually everything but the official leaders are a council of five members who are elected from the fiver principalities of Norfall (Ursus, Sut, Lim, Drin and Timok). Within the merchant guild a separate council is formed out of the top twelve controllers of capital. The members of this council are granted votes according to their position in descending order (member controlling the most wealth get 12 votes, 2nd most wealth gets 11, etc).


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